hidden by the grapes

i wanna rock

well, thank you everybody who came to see us in kremsmünster, vienna and graz. we’ve been sarah schöberl & band, you’ve been great.


next shows will be in bosnia/croatia from 4. to 7. of june, dates will be posted soon.

and in july we’ll play at the move festival in graz sweet home.


good day sunshine

the next shows are gonna be from 24.04. to 26.04., we will play some shows in germany with lambda, first time on the road together, wuuhuu.

in the meantime, we’re happy that summer is slowly coming back around again.


this week will be all about our good and noisy friend from italy, topsy the great. they’ve just released their 2nd record “fampor” and will play a small tour from thuesday to saturday. and we will be joining them on these 2 dates:

gromka/metelkova (ljubljana, slo) w/ topsy the great, nikki louder (!)

cas’aupa (udine, it) w/ topsy the great

and on saturday, we will host them at the sub in graz. we won’t play and hand the stage over to the almighty LAMBDA \m/. and shoot me wendy from hrvatska will play as well.

topsy the great, lambda, shoot me wendy

and this is their latest video. don’t ever spill coffee on italians. ever.

dobry den, kalbaland

starting tomorrow, we’re gonna play 3 shows in our secret homeland, the czech republic. and as usual, mc broko will keep us company. broko booking, musik überleben.

06.02: boro klub @ brno w/ mc broko, head & shoulders, n00100000!

07.02. azyl @ liberec w/ mc broko, head & shoulders, pentagramcek

08.02. rock cafe marilyn @ nova paka w/ mc broko, head & shoulders

hello 2014

and thank you 2013, year of the tschem. we had a great time. and the beat goes on -> some new live-dates for early 2014 are up!

happy tweety

last show of 2013 is coming up, and by now you should know that it’s probably the almighty tweety party! looooooooots of awesome bands from graz and austria, also a couple of “new” ones, like hella comet, lambda, the liberation services. this is gonna be great.

event details:

back from balkan. hvala to sarajevo, belgrade, subotica, zagreb, rijeka and zabok for some fine shows and montenegro for 2 days of relaxing. next 2 shows will be in graz, check out the live-section.

in the meantime, check out our newest video, hey jude law. creepy.

release-show done, new tour coming up

thank you everybody for coming out. ulrike mayrhuber has taken some sweet pictures, check them out here

also check out the live-section, we’re gonna tour the balkan-area in 2 weeks, including shows in bosnia-herzegovina, montenegro, serbia and croatia. going back down south now.